World Seed Classic İndir Yükle

World Seed Classic İndir Yükle
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01/05/2022: name changed

To emphasis that this game is just a nostalgic version of "World Seed" we’ve added "Classic" to the end of the name.

In early 2022 the core World Seed experience will be released to Steam. Stay tuned!

Laid back gameplay

World Seed Classic is heavily inspired by tabletop board games. Grab a few friends, sit back and relax!

The core gameplay lets you move around on a world-board, clearing out tile after tile. Either for crafting materials, epic battles with creatures or just to simply explore the world. Every hour the world of World Seed Classic re-shapes with new content.

In World Seed Classic you will:

  • fight other players
  • craft & upgrade your gear
  • complete quests for various rewards
  • run dungeons with other players
  • collect trophies
  • level up by increasing your tier
  • find and collect seeds to open up new worlds

If you like MMOs, RPGs, roguelikes or simply character progression World Seed is probably for you!

A dream come true

World Seed Classic is my first game ever made. My vision is to provide a vast world with loot and challenges for you to overcome.

As the sole developer of the game I’ve been working on it every day since its start, 26th of June 2019. My goal is to keep adding features to the game based on what the community would like to see.

Free to play

You can play World Seed Classic for free in your browser!

To do this:

  • Visit World Seed discord
  • go to text channel "#releases" and click the link at the top
  • OR ask for the link in "#kemen"

Direct link is not provided since steam does not allow that.

Purchasing World Seed supports further development of the game.

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