VERSUS: The Deathscapes İndir Yükle

VERSUS: The Deathscapes İndir Yükle
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When a new threat emerges on planet Versus, you and your allies are forced to explore the dreaded Deathscapes to survive. Will you finally unlock all of the secrets regarding Versus? Will you complete your search to reawaken Dhanthik, The Lost Warrior? Will you find your path to being Reborn, or will you perish on Versus? How far will your eyes finally see?

Versus: The Death Scapes is the long-awaited finale to The Versus Trilogy, which also answers ALL rising questions left lingering in the Choice of Games Sergiverse! Lose yourself in ten diverse romances, navigate the politics of three massive world orders and unlock dozens of alternate endings. MemoryTravel to new worlds and fight in the most epic battles Versus has ever seen.

  • Play as gay, straight, bi, pan, or ace. Dozens of gender identifications.
  • 30K word romance-focused prologue
  • Dozens of alternate endings
  • Every question about the Choice of Games Sergiverse answered

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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