Tybot Invasion: The Typing Runner İndir Yükle

Tybot Invasion: The Typing Runner İndir Yükle
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Type words quickly to destroy robots, move among lanes, and destroy all the enemy’s waves on this invasion that mixes Typing & Run! The future of Robworld is in your hands, can you destroy all robots fast enough?

Type for your life.
Type for the future.

  • Type the word below enemies to destroy them.
  • Don’t touch the enemies to keep your shields!
  • Move between 3 lanes to dodge enemies or get coins!
  • Get coins to increase your score!
  • If you have time to spare, type the bonus flying coins to increase your score.
  • At the end of each wave you’ll receive a bonus score for shields remaining.

  • More than 5000 words: Our vocabulary counts with almost 5500 words, which are grouped by use in day-to-day life, uncommon words are used in some enemies to make them a bit harder.
  • 4 difficulty levels! Easy (less than 40wpm), Medium (less than 60wpm), Hard (less than 80wpm), Insane (more than 80wpm).
  • Import your own vocabulary: Import your list of words to play! It only works with English words, it will ignore words with special characters.
  • Disable uncommon words: If you don’t want to play with unusual words you can disable them!
  • Never Dies Mode: Keep playing even if you lose. Your score will stop increasing but you can keep training!
  • Waves: 5 waves that mix different enemies with different word difficulty.
  • Leaderboard: Fight for the highscore. (Steam Integration)
  • Achievements: 83 achievements to conquer. (Steam Integration)
  • Straight to Action: No running around with lots of texts or customizations that take hours. Just enjoy a single-player campaign full of action and challenge!
  • Steam Cloud Integration

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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