The Vellescian Gambit İndir Yükle

The Vellescian Gambit İndir Yükle
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You are a lowly employee of a gigantic trading company, and you have a simple task. Deliver the cargo to the Neubach branch office in 23 days.

The only problems are that the roads are dangerous, your budget is limited, and you don’t even know what you’re carrying in the first place.

Fortunately, you’re a resourceful young man. Plan, negotiate, and trade your way through the Free Cities, and you might not only finish your task, but even make a little money in the process. Fail to manage your time or budget, however, and you’ll find yourself stranded in a foreign city without a penny in your name. Or even find yourself at the wrong end of a brigand’s sword.

Your companions are the young accountant Emily de Vries, and the veteran mercenary captain "Lucky". Heed their advice, and they might get you out of a pickle or two.

And don’t miss your deadline.

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