The Stonks Market İndir Yükle

The Stonks Market İndir Yükle
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Become the Ultimate Daytrader

BUY, SELL, or HODL your stonks of choice as you navigate a real-time trading interface to capitalize on your limited funds, and convert them into a luxurious bounty of profits.

YOLO Your Life Savings

Leverage everything you own, refinance your home, and put your entire net worth at risk with trades that have the potential to destroy your life and leave you in complete financial ruin.

Return to Monke

Have a religious experience involving an ape that will give you strength to fight the FUD and set you on a course that will ultimately lead you to infinite riches or absolute peril.

Collapse the Economy

Take down hedge funds, market makers, and the entire capitalist system as you bring about the destruction of modern civilization in your daring pursuit of short-term gains.

Fast Funny

Expect a couple of quick laughs, replay opportunities, and some simple fun as you unlock its 13 achievements over around 45 mins of story and about 60 mins of trading action.

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Mac OS X

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