The prisoner of the Night İndir Yükle

The prisoner of the Night İndir Yükle
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Nartide is a sweet girl who lived with her parents in a big house until, ignoring her mother’s advice, slept without a blanket’s protection; that night, the cold wind of the night, called Cruviana, comes in through the window and takes little Nartide as her prisoner.
Stuck in an eternal night, Nartide must find the light of her life, and then find her way home.
Prepare to guide little Nartide through 159 insane and frightening stages, filled with horrific monsters and traps that, at every step, can lead you to a terribly painful death!

* Side-view platforming game with puzzles;
* 159 stages with visuals ranging from dream to nightmare;
* Amazing creatures;
* 12 special clothes that give useful skills to Nartide;
* The charming soundtrack by Graciele Callado and Walter Yanko, with special guest Naldinho Braga and his song BOA NOITE (from the album "Naldinho Braga e o carro de lata – Girando mundos");
* An adaptation of the short story "A prisioneira da noite" by Lima Arrais;
* Features elements of folk Brazilian culture.

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