The Ancient Labyrinth İndir Yükle

The Ancient Labyrinth İndir Yükle
15 Aralık 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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The Ancient Labyrinth is a psychological horror game set in a mysterious labyrinth which hides a terrible secret.
Play as a man who has lost his memory, isolated from the rest of the world and trapped for some strange reason in this claustrophobic labyrinth, hunted by a frightening monster that will hunt you the whole time.
Take advantage of your surroundings, hide yourself in the darkness and solve the maze’s intricate puzzles.
Will you be brave enough to take on this nightmare and discover the mystery behind this creepy place?

Strengths of the game:

  • Tension-filled atmosphere
  • Evocative Egyptian setting
  • Stealth gameplay based on puzzle solving, exploration and your ability to hide yourself from the monster
  • Great monster’s artificial intelligence that will make you feel stalked throughout the game
  • Game lore full of dark secrets
  • Replayable thanks to two different endings and the rank system that allows you to compare your results with those of other players

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