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sunny-place İndir Yükle
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You’ve died, this is space hell.
Everyone gets room and board.
Doesn’t seem so bad.

Gamepad is strongly recommended!

The game has two main paths, both leading to a face-to-face meeting with the Lord of Death. Who’s grown tired of misery and is currently working on rebranding hell for a gentler, more joyous experience. However not everyone in the city is convinced by this sudden change of heart.

CAR PATH, is focused on racing THE TRACKS OF THE ABYSS. Collecting stars along the way and recieving the honourable invitation after getting all of them.

STORY PATH, consists of increasingly silly scenarios as you get entangled in a plot to overthrow the Lord.

  • Drive around in rocket cars.
  • Become the TOP-STAR-RACER.
  • Go furniture shopping.
  • Decorate your own apartment.
  • Ragdoll around on the floor.
  • Seamless drop-in drop-out multiplayer.

Connection is automatic, but you can manually select region and overflow if you’re looking for a specific room!

Filtering is only a click away.


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SteamOS + Linux

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