SudoKats İndir Yükle

SudoKats İndir Yükle
16 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 11 kez okundu.

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It’s still early in Meowshore, but cats are already crowding the roofs of buildings. They’ll be fine as long as they don’t see other cats of the same breed.

  • Use little kittens as notes, to mark the possibilities of each space (kittens are 100% cute and don’t fight with each other).
  • Play 24 puzzles (each representing a time of day) and try to reach the sunrise again.
  • Like traditional sudoku, each puzzle has only one solution.
  • Whether you are an experienced Sudoku player, or someone who has never played Sudoku before, we got you covered!

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