Savior of the Abyss İndir Yükle

Savior of the Abyss İndir Yükle
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Savior of the Abyss is an RPG Maker-style horror adventure game about solving riddles using clues from exploring the surroundings.
(It follows the same aspect as Ib, Mad Father, and The Witch’s House.)
The goal of the game is to guide the main character, Stella, to the surface of an underground facility.
In order not to face sudden death, you must always pay attention and be suspicious of the things around you.
Always investigate the surroundings carefully, and use the items you have to avoid death.
Collect and use a variety of tools to get above ground.
There are fixed save points.
It is not recommended for those who are avoid violence or bloodshed.
Gamepad will be supported in the future.
Languages ​​are automatically supported according to the Windows OS system language.


Stella wakes up in the basement of an old hospital.
It’s a place of ominous energy, but Stella decides to explore the surroundings to head above ground.
Stella finds her way through life-threatening ordeals and discovers the secrets hidden in the facility and even why she ended up there.

Lead Stella safely to her goal.

Thanks for

English translation – Jeep Barnett

Sound source

Dark Horror Theme · Vivek Abhishek

김성원 – Dream Of You/CC BY

이충헌 – Fairy Tale of Brutality(잔혹동화)/CC BY

" HORROR THEME " composed and produced by "Vivek Abhishek"

Horror Ambience (Free Background Music)

VIVEK ABHISHEK – Shark Attack;

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