SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game İndir Yükle

SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game İndir Yükle
18 Kasım 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 5 kez okundu.

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SAD RPG : A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game is an experimental indie computer RPG game about social anxiety.
It’s an unexpectedly colourful, weird and full of surprises journey with our own story about dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder.


  • first person perspective
  • modern day setting
  • skills development
  • non-linear storyline
  • open world quests
  • turn-based, tactical anti-anxiety combat
  • unique graphic
  • unique soundtrack
  • story about social anxiety disorder
  • educational elements

SAD RPG is currently in development by Evil Indie Games and we plan to release it in 2021.

In SAD RPG: A Social Anxiety Role Playing Game the protagonist, since the very first moments of being awake in the morning, has to face the challenges of living in an odd vaporwave world of its own. Although everything seems to be more or less fine in the comfort of your bed, soon every move turns out to be a trial and there are anxiety monsters to battle at every corner of your town. Deep down you know it all exists only inside your head and in your heart but you play along, choose your path and put up a fight, but can you win, and how? The game explores the ups and downs of dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder, presenting a totally subjective and impressionistic depiction/view of the inner fight against it, based on real life experiences.


If you suffer from severe anxiety or you were diagnosed with anxiety disorder, please, approach our game with caution and proceed with care when you decide to play it. If experiencing too much unpleasant reaction or troublesome symptoms, act accordingly and do not hesitate to leave the game. Take a break now and then when needed so you won’t get too overwhelmed or upset while playing – it can also be a good idea to play the game in the company of a trusted friend/s.
We are not mental health specialists nor qualified professionals and our game is by no means intended for medicinal or therapeutical purposes. We aim at educating and sharing our own story and experiences, not replacing treatment or substituting professional advice. When you consider your anxiety bothersome and/or distressing we strongly recommend you the use of professional help and making your own appointment with a therapist, physician or other relevant specialist today. We believe in you!

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