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Hi guys, it’s your humble developer.

Here you see the game that:

-costs less than 1 dollar
-has a clickbait poster
-a cringy title
-and Anime ladies.

Now you’re thinking: "It’s (the game of my dream!) just another indie trash".
But I swear it’s a nice game.
And if you still don’t believe me, then this description should convince you.


Teleportals is not just a bunch of hentai pictures disguised as a game as it might first appear.
More than 60 stages with puzzles and platforming with difficulty varying from "too easy" to "Dark Souls of puzzle games".
You can set portals and then teleport to them. These portals have different properties and reactions to the environment.
For example, a large portal can defend you from enemy projectiles, but it is so big that can’t go through some narrow passages and a gravity panel can’t launch it as high as a small portal.


Hilarious dialogues with violet cabbage-head about movies, religion, gentlemen, moral and ways to organize the world. And there will be plot-twists.
+This story won local Writers’ award.

Anime beauties

Girls like smart guys (2d girls. Not sure about 3d ones) so you get special points for every puzzle solved. These points can be spent on various features. For example, you can unlock some spicy pictures in the Gallery.

Flexible system that meets your preferences

I know that people are different.
Some like puzzles, but skip dialogues completely.
Some play only for the plot and gameplay just distracts them.
Some don’t even like anime girls (!).
I made it so everyone can customize the game for his own needs.

You gain points by solving puzzles

Points can be spent on:

*Skipping stages that may feel like bs (while not skipping the plot).
*Unlocking pictures in the gallery (the gallery is separated from the main game not to ruin the narrative flow).
*And you can set the option to automatically skip the plot.

Special thanks to


for the full Portuguese translation

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