Perseverance Mission – Astronaut Charlie İndir Yükle

Perseverance Mission – Astronaut Charlie İndir Yükle
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Charlie is an astronaut cat in his Rover. He embarked on a space mission to Mars in search of samples of life and rock. Help him return to planet Earth by solving the puzzles.

– Click and drag as parts (paths) to form the correct path for Charlie to pass.
– You can move one piece at a time or two or more pieces at the same time.
– If the path is clear, it is possible to move the piece for several spaces at once.

– Collect the microorganisms to solve the levels.
– Parts with microorganisms are movable.

– Collect the meteors to solve the level.
– Parts with meteors are not movable.

40 friendly craft levels with increasing complexity.
Originally composed Soundtracks.
Beautiful minimalist aesthetic.

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