NOeSIS Ⅱ-人间无常(先行版) İndir Yükle

NOeSIS Ⅱ-人间无常(先行版) İndir Yükle
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After waking up from the foreseeing dream, Shigure had no time to take care of himself and devoted himself to work. Everything seemed to have changed or not.

You Ji chose to have an operation and successfully survived with a 30% probability. Shi Yu’s family had a heavy loan because of this.

In order to pay off the loan, in addition to asking their parents for help, Shi Yu and Xiao Yemei chose a lonely clean-up job in their free time to make money to pay off the debt.

With the arrival of the girl who claimed to be the incarnation of the "Firefly" and the deepening of lonely work, Shigure stepped into the world of the dead unconsciously.

As the boundary with death is gradually blurring, a more cruel past is quietly coming…

"NOeSIS_ Earthly Impermanence" is a horror and suspenseful doujin AVG game. This doujin is based on "NOeSIS01 The Memory Story of a Liar" and then the timeline. The game has a plot flow of about 15 hours. Players will use the protagonist "Shiyu" From the perspective of the game, you can explore the plot of the game through mouse clicks and the options in the game, step by step to uncover the truth of the matter.

The work was released on Steam, and I would like to dedicate it to NOeSIS fans.

Note: The plot of this work is purely fictitious, and the characters appearing are all over 18 years old

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