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Nautlander Serisi İndir Yükle
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Life is not as easy and simple as it seemed in your childhood. To survive in a world full of dangers, you must go through the difficult ninja training of frogs using secret techniques created by your ancestors.

Dojoran is a precision platform game in which you need to use apples to perform a double jump in different ways than usual. The simple and responsive controls provide a great experience in challenges that need to be faced more than once. Each death is an apprenticeship to improve reflexes and control the character, rather than an entire frustration.

Gameplay inspired by games like Super Mario World, Mario Kaizo, Celeste and Bloody Trapland. Art style inspired by Gameboy Pocket games, Gato Roboto and Downwell.

  • 28 unique stages with platform challenges in gradual difficulty.
  • Precise and extremely simple controls.
  • Pixelated graphics in 1-bit.
  • Infinite lives and checkpoints.
  • Different ways to use the main mechanics.

Dojoran – Steam Edition is the version and above of Dojoran, now available on Steam. Built to support a wider range of monitors and consoles of this generation, this version also includes:

  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Slightly change in the character’s physics to suit less experienced players of the genre.
  • Improved enemy attack prediction.

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