My University 我的大学 İndir Yükle

My University 我的大学 İndir Yükle
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My university is a university subject simulation casual games, players in the game as a freshman, through their own university four year university life is a small society, players can through a variety of actions to develop themselves, is to be a outstanding student, or do a sports talent, or to be a happy fat curtilage, etc., depending on the player’s choice, you call the shots of your university

1 multiple players start 
to start identity can choose to play as many as ten kinds of identities, such as outstanding students with poor grades prick silk rich second generation of Internet addiction teenagers, and so on have different hidden attributes, and affect the player’s initial attribute whatever status start, time is fair, is the university four years, players are free to develop their

2. Multiple professional options
Players start can choose from ten colleges, a total of 40 professional choose their favorite major in the four years of study life, different professional, players need to learn the university courses are not the same as if the player on the professional choice is not satisfied, at the beginning of the sophomore year, there will be an opportunity to turn professional, players can choose their own professional

3. Rich campus life
University of learning is the main melody, as well as a variety of campus activities players per week in addition to arrange their learning task, also can carry out daily activities to exercise their abilities, have part-time activity to get extra money, participating in various campus activities to increase his popularity in school players can even do some campus entrepreneurial activity, to get a lot of money, but business has a ris

4 the social
Players can harvest of their own in the university four years of friendship love a player can through social interaction to establish close relationships with others, establishing gay friends beauty and relationship if not play with parents to interact with friends, your relationship will gradually alienated relationship, if long time don’t interaction, the other party may give you a green hat

5Random questions in study
Will randomly appear when players in daily learning related topics, players will add the course of master degree, right answer get blank brains to reduce the course of master degree and the source of the topic for the relevant professional courses in real university subject, you might find that the subject is appearing in the game you title that year university in the final exam!!!!!!However, this game is not a core game, the player can choose to skip the random questions, so neither increase the degree of mastery nor reduce the degree of mastery

6. Action random events
When players participate in various activities, such as part-time entrepreneurship and campus activities, players will encounter a variety of random events, sometimes players need to make their own choices of course, different choices will affect the final outcome of the event

7 storm events
When a player carries out various activities on campus, no matter good or bad, it will always increase the popularity of the player in the campus. When the player’s enthusiasm reaches a climax, random events will be triggered, which can be handled by the player

8 social events
As the game progresses, players will encounter information about various social events, some of which have an impact on their college life

9 choice of postgraduate entrance examination
The player enters game later period, can trigger to take an examination of grind event the player can choose to take an examination of grind or do not take an examination of grind, choose to take an examination of grind to be able to choose criterion 985 211 common school 3 kinds, different choice, the difficulty that takes an examination of is different (what this design comes from plan oneself to take an examination of grind to fail to take an examination of in those days, want to satisfy in the game)

10 achievement design
There are multiple ways in which players can achieve relevant achievements, some of which are instrumental in learning and development

11 more
Players can explore on their own

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