Master Forge İndir Yükle

Master Forge İndir Yükle
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You own a smithy and the land around it. Gather resources outside or buy them when the trader visits and craft products to sell to customers.
Some will have special requests for you, which will allow you to earn more money and also fame. Enough fame will make customers pay more money.

Master Forge is a first-person singleplayer simulation game with a medieval story. You can cut down trees in the forest to get wood. You can gather iron ore or coal in the dark mines. These collected resources are then stored in certain chests. One chest per resource. Two times a day a trader comes by, who wants to sell resources, with varyien prices. Furthermore you can craft different products on the forge by combining the different resources cleverly. In Addition you want to sell all those products to different customers with varying preferences. By earning new gold, you can unlock smelters which increase your iron ingot production.

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