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Magic Potion Millionaire İndir Yükle
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Magic Potion Millionaire is a side-scrolling action game focused on money-making.
Enter the dungeon to gather materials, make potions, and sell them to make profit!

Gold is everything here. Pastel can buy various things to upgrade herself.
Become stronger, challenge harder dungeons, make more gold…
until your competitor surrenders.


  • 1. Enter the dungeon for materials!
    Enter and conquer procedurally generated dungeons with melee attacks, various ranged attacks and magic potions.
    You can create potions with the materials you find from enemies in the dungeon.
    Potions are not only limited to healing drinks, and you can make other kinds such as explosive potions (bombs).
  • 2. Brew potions to make money!
    Using the materials you gather in the dungeon, you can make potions the clients will order.
    Your potion shop will have many orders to fulfill, and much money to make.
  • 3. Buy stuff to become stronger!
    There are many uses for gold you have earned.
    Buy equipments to improve your stats, buy recipes for more potions, find new dungeons to explore, and so on.
    They will sure help you make more money!


In a forest on the outskirts of the town, there’s a magic potion shop.
Its owner Pastel, has a thriving business as there were no rivals around. One day she said…
"Everything’s going so well! I love being in this business, with no other game in town!"

A strange-looking customer heard that, and told her…
"That sounds like you’re looking for a competitor, aren’t you?"

… One month later.
A new magic potion shop has opened in the town, and it took all the customers Pastel had.
Pastel reflects on her arrogance and decides to reopen her shop….

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