Lootfest Wars İndir Yükle

Lootfest Wars İndir Yükle
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I wanted to create a Real Time Strategy that is accessible and free from stressful clicking, but still have competitive gameplay.

Gameplay: Money will tick in as time goes by, you can then buy soldiers from a hand of random cards. Each game is a quick 5 minutes match, the winner is declared by who is holding most flags at the end.


  • 2 player online versus.
  • Practice mode against the computer.
  • 10 maps.
  • 22 soldier and building types.
  • Editor tools for creating levels and voxel models. Play your custom levels against AI.

As with any small indie game, you cannot expect there to always be available players online. Try run the game when new updates are out, or arrange games against friends.

Technical Facts

Input: Mouse & Keyboard, Mouse only
Big picture mode: No
Rebindable keys: No
Frame rate: Locked to 60FPS
Supported resolutions: All
Multiple monitors: Yes
Anti aliasing: No
Adult content: Contains cartoon Violence. Unrealistic blocks for blood. No gore. No nudity. No harsh language. No multiplayer chat. Future updates are planned to contain cartoon style skeletons and zombies.
System requirement: Should run on any Windows computer with Shader3.0 (DirectX 9.0) support.
Engine: MonoGame/C#/OpenGL
Development team size: 1

Original YouTube video by Dad’s Gaming Addiction

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