Light Infantry İndir Yükle

Light Infantry İndir Yükle
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No matter how you look at it, you can’t stand up to the evil army alone… but then the "God of Glitch" reaches out to you.

Light Infantry is a simple action game with nostalgic Game Boy style graphics.
Fight against unique stages, enemy characters, and bosses to stop the evil empire from taking over the world.

…Well, you can’t clear it.

Strong enemies, difficult stages, boss characters you can’t beat, weak shots…
You can’t play properly without cheating!
Use the power given to you by the "God of Glitch" to disrupt the behavior of the blocks that make up this world in order to beat the game.
However, just because you cheat doesn’t mean the game is kind and helpful.
You’re in a situation where one shot will take you down, and you’ll have to start over and over again to get clear!

Feature (also a caution)

・There are no multiple endings, just enjoy the way the blocks behave.

・There are no hidden messages or shocking truths, just a simple one-way scenario.
・There’s a meta-conversation going on.
・Controller support
English not supported

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