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Kselebox İndir Yükle
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Kselebox is a sandbox game, which means you can do whatever you want in it!
You can build a rocket and go to explore the vastness of space.
Or maybe you want to build a huge car? No problem!
Do whatever you want! The game also has missions, you can complete them to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game, or if you run out of ideas.
The game has several maps / worlds, the number of which will be regularly replenished, as well as the number of in-game items and content!

The game also has a Campaign mode – it consists of sub-modes, the number of which will be replenished, Each sub-mode has its own gameplay and its own rules. You can also suggest ideas for new campaign modes, or give advice on improving an existing mode. You can do this in the community of the game on Steam or by joining our Discord server, there are a lot of interesting things, everyone will be glad!

At the moment, the game has:

  • 100+ Items
  • 2 Game Modes – Campaign, Sandbox
  • 7+ Tools
  • 45+ Missions
  • 4 Maps / Worlds – Farm, Space, City, Sea

Players can save their buildings and then publish them to the Steam Workshop.
There, players can discuss each other’s buildings and rate them.

You can follow the development of the game and report the found bug on our Discord server.
Also there you can discuss the game and chat with other players.


1. Move
You can drag object with that tool

2. Rotatable pin
Connects two objects without blocking turns

3. Fixed pin
Connects two objects by blocking turns with them

4. Blood pipe
Allows to pump blood

5. Signal cable
Sends an activation signal from a source to a connected object

6. Data cable
Transfers information from the source of information

7. Data cable
Strong cable allows objects to be connected together

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