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"Yamafuda!" is an easy way to experience mountain hiking using cards. Each time you hike a mountain, you get a card to choose from. Along the way, you can create hiking gears to improve your hiking experience. When the weather on the mountain changes, so does the steepness. Enjoy the deck-building roguelike game as the scenery changes!


  • 40+ cards
  • 50+ gears
  • 10+ mountains


Could see the mountains in the distance.
"It looks like it would be a great place to hike."
One of them mutters to himself.

The friend who heard that.
"What?! You want to hike a mountain?? Yes!!"
The next day, she showed up with awesome equipment.

"Come on, let’s go!"
The two of them came to the mountain hiking
in an uncontrollable manner.
Will they make it to the summit in one piece…?

It’s starting!

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