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Hammerheart İndir Yükle
15 Eylül 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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Punishing, strategic and with a heavy focus on authenticity, Hammerheart is a hardcore roguelike set in the viking age that combines directional medieval combat with party customization and strategy mechanics.


Death is forever. Should you die in battle, all of your loot and companions will be lost, and you’ll start again at square one. Maps, encounters and loot are randomly generated, and mechanical variety in the weapons helps to ensure that the experience is different every time you play.


It is the early 10th century. By this time, the Vikings have grown from small raiding parties to huge armies with the power to conquer and extort ransom from kingdoms. Hammerheart throws you into the life of an Anglo-Saxon commander tasked with leading a force into the chaos of battle against these foes. The characters, weapons and settings were crafted with an eye for historical accuracy much lacking in today’s popular media.


Hammerheart features a 2D take on the directional blocking mechanic popular in other medieval games. Timing and precision are paramount to coming out of an engagement on top. However, you are not alone. Command and position your companions carefully, and fight alongside them to gain a strategic victory over your opponents. It is your responsibility to treat injuries and distribute equipment to give the members of your party the best chance of survival.


We are constantly working to bring more variety, length and an impactful narrative to the experience. A link to the roadmap can be found in the links section.

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