Fastest Hands In The WASD İndir Yükle

Fastest Hands In The WASD İndir Yükle
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Set in the Wild West, you’re here to mow down an ever-growing cast of defenseless creatures and steal their pocket change. Beat enough to prestige and you’ll unlock more and more ways to take them down! Just be warned, some might cry when you hit them.

Idle Mode (Main Game)

All about killing the infinitely scaling enemies. As they scale up, you’ll need to keep upping your game so you don’t fall behind. With four distinct weapons at your disposal, utilize their unique styles and builds alongside numerous elemental interactions to shred your foes and prove you truly have the Fastest Hands in the WASD.

Showdown Mode

Ever wondered how fast you can really spam WASD? Face increasingly tough AI in a series of battles as you find out just how quick you really are. If you’re able to beat the final boss and prove it, your record and likeness replaces theirs for everyone to see.

Practice Mode

Benchmark the speed of your WASD cycling and practice new strategies to use in the other 2 game modes. Here you can see your current speed, as well as your fastest speed ever.


  • Art/Sound/Music: Cohn
  • Programming: Rain

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