Escape From Monster İndir Yükle

Escape From Monster İndir Yükle
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You woke up in a dark room in an unknown place, can’t remembering how you ended up here. You have an empty pockets, and the sounds from SOMETHING are heard outside the door. Try to solve the secrets of the Dark House and ESCAPE from the unknown MONSTER.


The House hide in his depths the secret – try to unravel it. But beware the dark corners of rooms, the emptiness of long corridors and the open spaces of halls – who knows what awaits you around the nook.


House have many of doors, though not all of them are open for free. But they can hide a clue to what is happening. Look carefully at all possible places looking for hidden passages.


Survive alone or cooperate with your friend in an attempt not to get caught by the MONSTER and find out what is hidden in the depths of the DARK HOUSE.

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