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Doggone Hungry İndir Yükle
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It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World…

Doggone Hungry is a delicious game about eating food, getting fat, and being a dog. Your favorite toy, Quackerjack, is always getting stolen, and superior dog logic has determined that you must get fat to save him! Charm humans to earn tasty treats, scavenge for snacks, and increase your size in this short, delectable adventure.

The Goal

Dog must rescue his pet duck by gaining weight. Food can be found in two ways; through scavenging or humans.


Food is everywhere if you look hard enough. Avoid eating in front of your owners in Level 1 (who don’t want to put you on another diet), or seen by the lifeguards in Level 2 (it’s a no-dog beach).

Humans & Accessories:

Other Humans are eager to dole out treats… for a price. They’ll play a minigame with you with a treat on the line, but only if they like your doggie style. Appeal to them by finding doggy accessories hidden around the area that corresponds to their taste. There are 5 styles in all: Cool, Cute, Fancy, Stinky, and Wacky.


There are a few different types of minigames and each will keep you on your toes. Each involves a different set of mouse and keyboard controls shown before you enter the minigame. Win to secure that bag meal!

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