Demon Slayer Akagi İndir Yükle

Demon Slayer Akagi İndir Yükle
5 Ocak 2022 tarihinde eklendi, 4 kez okundu.

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The Storyless Spirit is an evil demon who can grant you the powers of any character in a story in exchange for your soul. Several people around the world have gained powers from the Storyless Spirit. It is up to Akagi to save these people and defeat the demon once and for all in this breakout arcade style game!

  • Use the Samurai story’s strength to destroy bullets!
  • The Ninja story’s speed can dodge bullets and run around the world in the blink of an eye!
  • Use the Youkai story’s power to do that cool anime thing where the screen flashes black and all the enemies are defeated!
  • Play on hard mode to bully cute anime girls!
  • Battle with a cast of characters with abilities inspired by mythos from around the world!
  • Compete for high scores in practice levels!
  • Take on 16 additional challenge game modes to test your skills!
  • Gain different powers from the Storyless Spirit!

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