Curvy3D GO İndir Yükle

Curvy3D GO İndir Yükle
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Fun 3D Sculpting – Use your drawing skills to model in 3D

• Draw 3D forms with your tablet or mouse.
• Blend forms together to make complex shapes.
• Detail the model using Curvy’s surface sculpt tools.

Curvy’s hand drawn curves turn effortlessly into rounded forms and can be merged for sculpting and exported rendering.

Curvy is great at organic art, and now adds a full set of digital clay tools to its drawing toolset. You can pinch, and buldge, roughen, smooth and flatten the model easily.

Creation Tools:
Curve based primitives: Lathe, Line, Loft, Blob, Slab, Sketched Curve
Standard Primitives: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder

Curve Tools:
Rulers and reshaping tools to perfect your curves.

Sculpting Tools:
Merge and Weld tools to join primitives into more complex meshes.
15 sculpting brushes to shape your meshes like clay.

Export to OBJ format to use models with other applications.
Save high resolution screenshots to use your models in other 2D programs.

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