Cartoon Game Club Serisi İndir Yükle

Cartoon Game Club Serisi İndir Yükle
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Plot summary
Tthe holy city of Aphelia shook, and with it space twisted, a huge eye appeared in the sky — the eye of the void.A shrill cry came from the eyes of the void, and a giant void creature flew out, and the whole holy city went dark.The monsters that came out of the Eye of the Void attacked people like crazy, leaving a trail of destruction in their path.At this moment, the sacred Miaoke bottle, which had been sleeping in the altar for many years, gave off a bright light and came to life!The queen chose the most courageous person of the day and gave the awakened bottle to the courageous person. The courageous person took the bottle and set out on a journey to destroy the void creatures.
Game shows
Five monsters appear in each level, and the player moves through the level by controlling the muke bottle to avoid the monsters and hit target points.
Characters and their stories
Adalee likes to mix "demon desserts" that turn anyone who eats them into her slave.
A maid of the Bololo Asmael family who used to break vases imprudence.
Slightly Ann like to use all kinds of interrogation prisoners, coercion and lure without its extreme, it is said that someone was also recruited by her to retrial, even the devil can not carry her means.

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