Calturin İndir Yükle

Calturin İndir Yükle
30 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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Calturin is a Bullet Hell Boss Rush game where you are resurrected by a necromancer who now holds you in his power. Promised your freedom if you do his bidding, you must traverse the Gauntlet of Portals to unknown lands and face deadly beings.

– 8 unique boss fights, 2 paths of pain and a fight against an army.
– A compelling story told through fully voiced characters.
– Choose how to improve your skills as you become stronger.
– Red and black portals for those who wish a harder challenge.
– Designed to be suitable for both normal playthrough and speedrunning.

———————– The Gauntlet of Portals Awaits ———————–

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