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Buildodge İndir Yükle
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What is Buildodge?

It is a free to play 2D online shooter game.
It has three different modes and can be played by one to four players.


You can "build" in a stage.
It can be used as a temporary wall or foothold to protect you from enemy attacks or to gain height.

Ranked Match

Rank points are available in Buildodge, and you are matched with people who are close to you in rank.
Ranks are promoted in the following order: "Bronze 1-4", "Silver 1-4", "Gold 1-4", "Diamond 1-4", "Ruby 1-4", "Master"!

Bot Match

This mode can be played by a single player and can be used for training.

Custom Match

This is a casual mode where you can play with your friends. 2~4 players can play together.
You can create a lobby with a password so you can play with your friends!

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