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Blub Emporium İndir Yükle
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Blub Emporium is a dense and in-depth (oh, and cute!) sandbox management game where you’re able to design, decorate and optimise three separate locations:

– The Emporium;
This is your shop. You can set up an arcade lounge, a fruit market, a lolly shop, or anything in between! You can fill the walls with paintings, carpet the floor with rainbows, make a huge maze, or do just about anything! It’s completely up to you!

– The Farm;
This is the open wilderness. You can gather natural resources, plant orchards of trees and fields of crops, make a little village, or change the terrain in any way you please! Decorate and carve the land into the perfect paradise!

– The Factory;
This is where your stock can be made. Arrange a series of wires, hoppers, processors and conveyor belts in a near infinite amount of ways to create anything from Mystical Rubber Ducks to delightful, yet convoluted slices of Pink Cake!


  • Design and decorate your dream emporium!

  • Clear a procedurally generated land and gather natural resources!

  • Layout machines, wires and conveyors to make resources in a sequence-based puzzle!

  • Accept offers from Blubs, including spinning the wheel for hundreds of unique prizes!

  • Plant and harvest different trees and crops in fields you create!


  • Collect hundreds of unique items and resources!
  • Complete different quest tracks to unlock loads of rewards!
  • Play a collection of minigames throughout!
  • Potential for fully automatic resource production!
  • Uncover the secrets of the Cosmic Disk and its Blubs through implicit lore.


  • Watch thousands of adorable item-hungry Blubs interact with your design, illuminated by gorgeous lights at night or in the bright light of day, as your Emporium becomes the most popular place to be in this universe!

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