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  • Manage and build an automated farm using machines and strategy
  • Maintain your relationships with multiple Nations through reputation
  • Navigate tense situations in choice-based visual novel scenes with lasting consequences
  • Gather data through the news and watch the stock market to stay alive

The war has lasted 3 years.

Just as soldiers of the Republic of Arakasha continue to be sent to their deaths, the common people continue to starve. You assume the role of Alexander Volkov, the calculating son of a former Lieutenant who is determined to survive in any way he can. With the oppressive regime of Arakasha crumbling and their enemy, the Kingdom of Leiden closing in, you must use diplomacy and economics to come out on top.

The game is divided into three phases:


Build an automated farm in order to sell crops and make as much profit as possible before sunset. Here you can build machines, complete trades, and research new technologies.


Navigate through a visual novel style interaction with a random character. The game currently features many different interactions with multiple routes and ways to complete them.


Gather intel to use in the coming day and night. Read the news about the state of the war, look at stock prices, and read the mail.

The game available on this page is an incomplete version of what I imagine the final game to look like. It features 10 of 15 or more planned days in the game. It was made with the Unity 2D engine, Aseprite, Adobe Photoshop, and FL studio entirely by me.

The full game will feature many more interactions, upgrades, crops, cutscenes, and songs all created by me. I will continue to work on the game if there is enough interest to do so.

Thank you to all my friends and family members who supported the development of this game!

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