Altwaldheim: Town in Turmoil İndir Yükle

Altwaldheim: Town in Turmoil İndir Yükle
15 Ağustos 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 13 kez okundu.

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Be the Mayor!

In this roguelike simulation, you play as the new governor of Altwaldheim. It is a small village, but thanks with your help it will grow to be the biggest metropolis in the world! Construct buildings and manage your economy!

Choose wisely!
Five factions will make your life unbearable. Each week, you will be confronted with problems you have to solve. They can be anything: A peasant that needs food, drunk soldiers fighting, and many more! Make the correct decisions to not anger the factions, unless you don’t want their help…

Defend Altwaldheim!
Recruit soldiers to defend it against enemy forces. Send them to dungeons to get even more riches. Beware, if the enemies defeat your forces, you lose everything. They will become stronger with time, so be prepared. Make sure to keep your army powerful!

Will you be able to master the challenges of Altwaldheim? Find out now!


  • More than 100 unique events, that will confront you with hard decisions!
  • Over 50 beautiful, hand drawn buildings!
  • Five factions that will make your life a living hell!
  • The legendary hero Faustus Raginhard, who will lead your army to Victory!

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