Zombie Kill İndir Yükle

Zombie Kill İndir Yükle
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Zombie_Kill (Kill me if u can)

Kill incoming zombies from all sides and survive till the end.
Kill Me If U Cann offers real-life shooting experience and great immersion.
There are 3 Modes consisting of 3 difficulties to provide players the best experience of each individual’s skills.

* 3 difficulties for each modes (Easy, Normal, Ladder) *

1. Pistol Mode – Best for people who has never played FPS games before
Your character has fast firing speed and high HP.

2. Rifle Mode – For those who have tried VR FPS games before.

3. Revolver Mode – For the hard-core players!
Survive till the end with limited ammo inside a dark warehouse.

In each mode, the Ladder mode lets you compete with other players worldwide.
Compare how many zombies you killed with people all over the world.

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