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Zenerchi® İndir Yükle
16 Temmuz 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 69 kez okundu.

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Are you overwhelmed at work? Dutifully doing the day-to-day but stressed by the systematic strain of your routine? Enter the world of Zenerchi, a new game that puts a peaceful twist on the classic three-in-a-row game play. Swap the pressured pace of most three-in-a-rows for a meditative mind game which alternates between calm, flowing levels and delightfully complex puzzles. Find your zen as you match the vibrantly colored rings, filling your color containers one color hue at a time and eventually encountering your inner chi.

  • The most unique three-in-a-row game in the casual game space yet!
  • Two gameplay modes, journey and zen
  • 50 levels of gameplay throughout 10 worlds
  • Inspirational quotes between each level when obtaining expert score!
  • 5 Different Busts: Small, Column, Ring, Change, and Color.
  • 2 hurdles to success: Binders and Enigmas
  • Soothing music helps all players unwind from a long day!

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Mac OS X

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