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Stalwart knight, align yourself for battle! Synchronize the energetic patterns within XANARTHRAXIA’s ancient glyphs and cleanse the land of evil in this bite-sized, casually competitive, RPG clicker.

  • String together attack combos by correctly matching the given shapes before the enemy has a chance to react.
  • Stand tall against an endless onslaught of procedural enemy types including Slimes, Zombies, Dragons and Ogres!
  • Power up your combo meter to unleash a time-altering super attack!
  • Consume health tonics by clearing every single tile on the battlefield.
  • Get as far as you can and deposit your gold to see how you rank on the Steam Leaderboards!

  • Handcrafted pixel art with a retro Gameboy/Nokia feel.
  • Original 8-bit chip tune soundtrack.
  • Simple, single button gameplay using either the mouse or the numpad.
  • No Level Cap! Grind endlessly with no restrictions.
  • Compete competitively worldwide on the Steam Leaderboards!
  • Compete casually locally with Steam Cloud stats!
  • 5 actually obtainable Steam achievements for achievement hunters!
  • Integrated indie dev support!

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