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Writer’s Life İndir Yükle
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"Writer’s Life" is a kind of simulation game. Players start from a novice online writer, step by step to improve their writing ability. Use a variety of ways to get inspiration, play their strengths in various fiction sites, and eventually become a famous best-selling author.

Players need to improve their abilities from writing level, typing speed, rhetoric, formula, characterization, pacing, outline framework and other dimensions to resist all kinds of pressure at any time and find a path that suits them as online writers.

Become a contract writer

For an online writer, it is important to find a suitable platform. Players can choose from dozens of novel sites that best suit them. As your writing strength increases, you will have the opportunity to sign with larger sites and get better pay.

Improve writing ability

The player’s ability will be improved in the process of writing. Unlock more writing topics and find and pick the best writing set for you!

Going out to get material

Writing requires inspiration. When inspiration runs out, what can we do? Relax, lie down, go sightseeing …… Choose your favorite way!

Control your income and expenses

Take control of your financial balance. At first you’ll be living on a shoestring, but gradually you will find yourself with room to improve your standard of living, such as …… a larger house?

In addition to this, you will be faced with a variety of choices.
-When your novel is not popular and finances are not good, should you continue to write novels or go to work for others?
-Will you follow the trend of plagiarism?
-Will you be overjoyed or furious when you see your readers’ comments?
-Will you write novels with high ratings and low income, or novels with low ratings and high income?
-Be a diligent writer who updates frequently, or a writer who writes occasionally?
-When you have gained enough fans, will you go to a bigger platform, or will you settle down?
-When you have made your first bucket of money, do you want to travel and reward yourself, or do you want to keep on writing?
-When your novel becomes famous, do you choose to adapt it into an anime or a movie?
-When you write a masterpiece, will you stop and leave the legend, or continue to break through the self?
If you are a novel writer, what choice will you make?

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