World of Myths İndir Yükle

World of Myths İndir Yükle
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Information about the Upcoming MesoAmerican Expansion:

Take control of the battle, crush the opponent’s temples and rise to victory in a card game where the usual tactics don’t work. Pledge loyalty to your favorite Mythology. Bring back the glory of the ancient Gods or become a God yourself.


  • Brand New Battle System
    Tired of minions fighting each other? In World of Myths, the units do not attack each other. They attack as a group and defend as a group. And to make things even more interesting – the units don’t have health points.
  • Hand to Hand with the Gods
    When you build your deck you also choose a leader to guide you to victory. The leaders in World of Myths have special passive abilities and each Mythology has multiple leaders available for play. However, when in dire need the leaders can be summoned onto the battlefield and participate in battles.
  • The roads to victory
    You can win a game by either destroying all of your opponent’s temples or by killing their leader.
  • Every Attack Counts
    Each temple in World of Myths gives different spoils (rewards) if you win the attack for it which brings a whole new level of strategic decisions.
  • Where Loyalty Stands
    We believe that you should be able to play with your favorite Mythology every day without feeling bored. We reward the players who choose to stick with a Mythology and bring glory to it.
  • Faction Wars
    Dominate the World Map in a thrilling Faction Wars and prove that your Gods are the only ones that matter.

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