Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? İndir Yükle

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? İndir Yükle
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Carmen Sandiego is up to her thieving high-jinks again and has stolen the valuable The Travels of Marco Polo book! Help Acme agents Hawkins and Jules track her down by following mysterious clues to countries all over the world. While talking to locals and gathering information to find Carmen, learn cool facts about each country you visit in this interactive game. The more you learn, the closer you get to catching Carmen and recovering the book!
• Adventure through 8 challenging missions covering multiple geographical locations across the globe!
• Discover interesting new characters, rich graphics, vivid settings, and exciting new game play!
• Access 15 amazing high-tech virtual gadgets to help you find valuable information, decipher clues, and solve the mystery!
• Access key facts on 50 countries around the world through an expansive country database.
• Challenge yourself with multiple puzzles and mind teasers from countries around the world.
• Stay on track! Detailed help is just a click away through the chief communicator. Plus, the game automatically remembers your progress so you can pick up where you left off!
For ages 8-12.
Expands knowledge of:
• World Geography
• Diverse Cultures
• Landmarks
• Foreign Languages
• Key facts on 50 countries around the world
Develops skills in:
• Social Studies
• Geography
• History
• Critical Thinking
• Decision Making
• Deductive Reasoning
• Reading
• Research
• Map Reading

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