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WARIUM İndir Yükle
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WARIUM is a turn-based strategy for creating your empire.

The WARIUM world is a procedurally generated hexagonal map that consists of different biomes. Who knows where you will start your journey. Maybe it will be a cold and empty tundra or a fertile and impassable jungle?

Units capture cells and expand your empire, but be careful: the extended power is easier to crush into smaller ones! Units do not have health, but there is a force parameter. A strong unit can destroy a weaker unit. So hold back the onslaught of the numerous, but weak army of your enemy.

Recruit and upgrade units, build buildings and raise your economy. You are free to choose in which direction to expand your power.

Game process:

  • Sandbox.
  • The world is created by chance.
  • The world consists of islands that are connected to each other by teleports.
  • The world is shrouded in biomes, which differ not only in landscape and fertility, but also in the initial densely populated areas.
  • Up to 30 states can appear on a small field. And up to 900 in the big world.
  • You start playing in the village.
  • To capture the cells, the unit must stand on it.
  • Units gain experience when capturing enemy cells, after which the units can be improved.
  • Build economic and defensive structures.
  • In the game there are several types of units: swordsmen, lancers, cavalry, long-range.
         Spearmen are good against cavalry, but weak before swordsmen and long-range.
  • Units contain several branches of upgrade.
  • Discover the world – find tactically advantageous areas of the terrain, fertile cells.
  • If the territory of the state is crushed and ceases to connect with the capital, then it has its own capital and its treasury.
  • To win, you must destroy all enemy states.

Choose your faction and go ahead.

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