Wakaru ver. beta İndir Yükle

Wakaru ver. beta İndir Yükle
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Do you want to be a Vtuber, but have no VR device?
Do you use MMD to make videos, but none of software suitable for a live show?
Wakaru is an easy-to-use Vtuber tool, all you need just a webcam, or mobile phone ‎camera.
With using OBS, you can be a Vtuber right now!
This software is suitable for players who want to become a Vtuber on live by lower cost.
Although the motion is not as perfect as a VR device, it can still make a lively performance.

☞All you need is a webcam, not an expensive VR device
☞Include eyes capture, mouth shape capture, head pose capture, facial control.
☞The upper body can use the mouse keyboard for real-time gesture and body pose control without importing pre-recording motions, suitable for live.
☞Support pmx/pmd import custom MMD model (unity is required)
☞Support vrm model
☞ Free

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