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VoxreD İndir Yükle
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VoxreD – a game in which you set the rules. The action takes place deep underground, the main enemy "Voxler" kidnaps the younger brother of the protagonist
and puts a difficult task: to get a card and a difficult to guess a riddle, and if you do not unravel, all knitted begin!


• In the game, you are the master! – The game has a level designer, build your map set for themselves the right difficulty and earn coins for the passage!

• Bosses – Map will randomly spawn bosses to go you have to kill them.

• varying complexity – by using the settings in the designer, you can set the difficulty of the game itself, you can just pass the card or safely can create a bunch of enemies that will kill you with one blow, decide for yourself!

• An interesting battle system! – For the killing of the enemy, you need to first get into it, to stun for a while. The main thing do not miss, and it will be very painful!

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