Villager’s Biography İndir Yükle

Villager’s Biography İndir Yükle
22 Ekim 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 46 kez okundu.

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You can get the patch in community

This is a SIM game, you need to struggle as a villager, start your new life in the town.
But it seems the "town" has some secret…

Feature of this Game

3 actress with more than 6 H scene, and more will be added
you can pick fruit, go fishing, crafting or stealing to make money
then you can buy house, farmland, learn new skills, get powerful equipment…
and explore the secret of this "town"

About Actresses

Ellie 18 years old
The mayor

Catherine 22 years old
The hotel operator

Luna 38 years old

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