Verdungo İndir Yükle

Verdungo İndir Yükle
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King Verdungo has been taken hostage and it’s up to you to rescue him.
Travel across a diverse world to make your way back home, hopefully you arrive in time to save him before he meets an untimely demise.

Decide your party of four, choosing from classics such as Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Paladin and Ninja- making up a total of 16 different playable classes.
In classic RPG fashion, players fight monsters, level up, and then are rewarded with points to spend to bolster the attributes of their characters.

Players will discover that gear can be crafted so you can create the ensemble that is just right for your play style.
Each class has their own set up of skills which make them unique, and skills will increase in power upon usage.

Along your journey to return home, players will encounter many NPC’s which are in need of a heroes aid.
Different factions are at play and you never know if you’re crossing paths with someone with ill intent or not!

It is up to you to decide who to help while making your journey back to rescue Verdungo.

* 15-20 hours of game play
* 75 different musical themes
* 150 different monster types throughout the world
* trade skills that can be utilized : Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Alchemy
* hundreds of crafting/alchemy recipes
* robust resource harvesting system that "regrows"
* open world where areas can be revisited (after tutorial)

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