Vectorio – Early Access İndir Yükle

Vectorio – Early Access İndir Yükle
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What is Vectorio?

Vectorio is a simple survival base-building game where the objective is to claim resources you find around the map and use them to research new powerful weapons and technology. Use your new tech to survive, expand, and defeat all six guardians and put an end to the onslaught of enemy shapes!

There’s more to your base then just the defensive side though. You’ll need to carefully plan out not only the design of your front line, but the logistics side of your base as well. Careful power management and building placement is essential if you want to avoid your base running out of power and getting overrun!

Join the community!

Want to help take part in Vectorio’s development, and change the future of the game for everyone? Consider joining our developer run discord server! You’ll be able to vote on upcoming features, test features before they get officially released, and make / contribute concepts of your own!

What is in the Early Access version?

  • Survival mode
    Expand your base and defeat all six Guardian boss battles!
  • Creative mode
    Build the base of your dreams and spawn in your own enemies.

What will be in the full version?

  • Wave survival
    Survive increasingly difficult waves of enemy shapes.
  • Challenge scenarios
    Put your best base design layouts to the test in challenges!
  • Multiplayer PvE mode
    Fight with other players against increasingly difficult waves!
  • Multiplayer PvP mode
    Four corners, four players. Last one standing wins.
  • Unlockable skins
    Give your turrets some style with unlockable cosmetics!

Sistem Gereksinimleri

Mac OS X
SteamOS + Linux

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