UEBERNATURAL: The Video Game – Prologue İndir Yükle

UEBERNATURAL: The Video Game – Prologue İndir Yükle
27 Aralık 2021 tarihinde eklendi, 6 kez okundu.

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No matter what kind of monster – No matter what kind of mystery – No matter what kind of classic rock song… Dan & Gene will be on site! This is their business! The family business…

  • Play as Dan & Gene in a classic Jump n Gun n Slash!
  • Fight against famous UEBERnatural enemies!
  • Investigate crime scenes and find out the truth!
  • Use your weapons and items wisely to solve the case!
  • Drive to new haunted locations in Genes beautiful black car (Darling)!


  • 3 classic game modes in 1 game: Adventure, Racer & Shoot ‘Em Up!
  • 2 cool brothers solving every mystery!
  • 1 UEBERNATURAL fan fiction story!
  • 1 UEBERFANTASTIC Classic Rock soundtrack composed for the game!
  • 100 percent UEBERFANmade!


I started working on this game over 5 years ago. It’s my love letter to one of the best, coolest, most lovable & funniest series ever. A series that has always made me happy even in not so good times.It kept me fighting. Because you know: Always keep fighting!

I would like to dedicate this game to you fans out there. The SpnFamily. Family Business 🙂

This is a FREE FANGAME for one of my all-time favorite series! I am not selling the game or earn any money with it. And remember: Always keep fighting :)All sprites have been created (as fanart) by Lucile Patron, Nico Nowak, Ansimuz & Jürgen Brunner. Development: ILIKESCIFI Games

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