Triclinium İndir Yükle

Triclinium İndir Yükle
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Cold deserted space?..
Not anymore!

A short novel for 15 minutes will immerse you in a noisy corner of the universe of some distant future (or past?) where you can maintain your usual lifestyle, even while in deep space: throw your feet on the control panel of a spaceship, walk around the bridge in your underwear, refuel at the nearest no-name station, walk around the moon and much, much more… The main thing is not to forget a daily sustenance!
But there won’t be any problems with that, right? Yeah – tell that to the girl who spilled coffee on the food replicator! Of course, there are a lot of eateries around, but you need to remember the rules of decency, and try not to violate some Intergalactic Code of Some Boring Nonsense.
To eat at the nearest cafe – what could be easier, right? Right?

There are two endings in the game. It won’t be hard to find both. Good luck!

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