Trendpoker 3D: Texas Hold’em Poker İndir Yükle

Trendpoker 3D: Texas Hold’em Poker İndir Yükle
19 Haziran 2019 tarihinde eklendi, 57 kez okundu.

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Are you a rookie? Or a professional? Whatever! With this poker game you can compete against a powerful A.I. based on neural networks – or other poker players in the online community!

In No Limit, Pot Limit, Split Limit poker and various game modes such as single-player, tournament, network game and internet game you can train and improve your poker skills – or just play for fun.

Even people who have never played a round of Texas Hold’em Poker are quickly and easily introduced into the rules and can immediately start exciting poker tournaments!


  • Single-player: different degrees of difficulty
  • Tournament: up to 160 players
  • Heads-Up-Tournament: up to 128 players
  • Powerful A.I. based on neural networks
  • All limit types: No limit, pot limit and split limit
  • Environment configurable: 10 different tables and environments available
  • Chips and card design configurable: Dollar or Euro chips or Euro coins
  • Realistic full 3D-animated graphics, voice output and sound effects
  • Multi-player modes: LAN mode and Internet mode
  • Online statistics and rankings
  • Tutorial and detailed game help
  • Beginner mode with tips

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