Travel story 游物语 İndir Yükle

Travel story 游物语 İndir Yükle
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[background story]

The story of the game takes place on a tropical island called "Highland Island", where the legendary ancient devil fell. A trip by the protagonist has also become unusual due to this mysterious island.
Unexpectedly discovering that he is a descendant of the devil, how can he use the power of the demon as an otaku? Used to put the girl? Or conquer the world?

[game Features]

  • tropical island Style
  • day and Night Changes
  • 30+ Cg
  • multiple Ending Mainline Plot


    Original Painting: Huanhuan, Fairy Jiajia
    Screenplay: Fairy Yangyang
    Program: Ini

    This is a debut of 5 independent developers. We have carefully designed the multi-line plot content, but the first edition has only one female protagonist for the time being (after all, it’s just a matter of dinner), so stay tuned for our follow-up. Content, 3Q.

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